The History of Home Designs By Bruno

For years people who wanted a custom home design would seek an architect who could complete the design in a timely fashion, however, due to the cost and/or percentage of fees asked, the consumer often abandon this avenue.

This opportunity has created Home Designs By Bruno, a locally based company dealing in designing homes, additions, and drafting services for the general public.

Bruno is not only a custom home designer, but was once a builder, which means he has already experienced, many times over, most heartaches and troubles that can occur in a building project. His expertise, knowledge and experience in the home design and building field can clearly smooth the way for the first time builder, as well as the savvy builder, by avoiding many common and often traumatic decisions a home builder will have to make during the building phase of their project.

Bruno feels that he is offering an excellent product and consumer services at a very affordable price. So, when you feel a move-up house is needed, or an expansion to your current home, gather your ideas, your wish list, and watch your dreams unfold using the professional at Home Designs By Bruno.

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